Minimoga, is a small, independent game development studio based in Norway – the land of trolls, vikings and social care.

We create Mini Mobile Games, hence our name.


Minimoga was founded in 2015 by two smalltown people based in Oslo, Norway.


Lars Johannesen

Co-founder and developer/ creative artist

Lars is a developer who started out making games and content for web, using Flash and Javascript. His first role in creating mobile games was in the primordial ages before devices were deemed smart, back in 2003.

Marius Akselsen

Co-founder and developer/ creative artist

Marius is an interactive designer and developer, with a broad experience making creative stuff for both mobile and web.

The Minimoga company logo represents the core ideas of the brand: Unique and thoughtfully designed mini mobile games.



Information and resources for the apps we have released




dotpanic-appicon-minimogaA color matching game that will challenge your reflexes and color matching skills. The new MUST HAVE game for iOS and Android – AVAILABLE NOW!

DotPanic is all about tapping or holding to rotate the sides to match the color of the dot. Sounds simple enough? Be warned – different obstacles appear suddenly to crush your way to the top!


  • Unique design and gameplay based on the simple art of colormatching
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Painfully stressful – tons of fun
  • Surprises along the way

Notes from the developer

DON’T PANIC! A phrase from the The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. As huge fans of the series, we like to think of our game as a humble tribute. It may look frightening and complicated to operate, but rest assured fellow intergalactic travellers, you need not panic! In combination of some quick reaction skills and the art of colormatching you will be quick on your way to master the everlasting dots and bumps along the way!

Just don’t blame us if you don’t catch your bus…







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